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Mui Kwong-chiu

Artistic Advisor

Alejandro Iglesias Rossi

Personal Profile

“Alejandro Iglesias Rossi’s music brings together silence and mystery, blending the visible and the invisible.” RADIO SUISSE ROMANDE, “Portrait d´Iglesias Rossi” (Switzerland; April 28, 2000). “Iglesias Rossi is an artist who belongs to his time as regards to musical language, but whose search is closer to that of the medieval mystic path than to the end of the 20th century. His works, that show local color through their texts and sound material, speak about his faithfulness to Latin American roots. His apocalyptic vision produces a tremendous tension that makes it impossible not to be overwhelmed by it.” DICTIONARY OF SPANISH AND HISPANO-AMERICAN MUSIC, Spain, 1999. John Cage wrote and dedicated the following Poem (Mesostic) to him in 1988:


Alejandro Iglesias Rossi is the President of the Argentine National Music Council as well as Vice-President of the Music Council of the Three Americas. He is the only composer in History having received the two main musical Awards of the UNESCO: the First Prize of the International Rostrum of Composers of the UNESCO (Paris 1985) for his work Ancestral Rites of a Forgotten Culture, considered “a masterwork of the XX century” by the International Music Council; and the First Prize of the International Rostrum of Electroacoustic Music of the UNESCO (Amsterdam 1996) for his work Angelus. The City of Buenos Aires awarded him its Musical Prize in 1991. His works have been performed thoroughly at Venues such as Carnegie Hall, Centre Georges Pompidou, Lincoln Center, Concertgebouw of Amsterdam, Queen Elizabeth Hall of London, Warsaw Philarmonic, Oslo Konserthus, Hong Kong City Hall, among others.


As a researcher, he has done field work in the Amazonas, the Andes and the Mexico Valley and established, along with the late Dr. Isabel Aretz (Latinamerica foremost musicologist), the Center for Ethnomusicology and Creation in Traditional and Avant-Garde Arts of the National University of Argentina at Tres de Febrero. As a music educator he created the Master Degree in Musical Creation, New Technologies and Traditional Arts as well as the Bachelor Degree in Indigenous, Classical and Popular Music of the Americas at the National University of Argentina at Tres de Febrero. As a conductor, he founded the Orchestra of Indigenous Instruments and New Technologies (which presents in concert the largest collection of native instruments of the Americas in the world) and toured extensively the world conducting it. The Orchestra received the Musical Rights Award at the World Music Forum 2013 (Brisbane, Australia) of the International Music Council for: “being an inspiring Program which recovers and gives artistic life to indigenous musical instruments, the majority of them long forgotten, at the same time that it develops research, composition, university Diplomas, community courses, exhibitions, concerts and a musical-pedagogical model for children and adults of all levels.”

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