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Peco Chui

Personal Profile

Born in Hong Kong, Peco Chui was graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, major in piano performance and studied with the celebrated performer Ms. Nancy Loo.

He is one of the few solid and professional singer-songwriters in Hong Kong who not only demonstrates a strong passion in music, but also possesses a high musical and arts talent. Over the past few years, he had written songs for well-known artists namely Eason Chan, Pak Ho Chow, Kay Tse, Bibi Zhou, Sammi Cheng, Hacken Lee & F4..., many of which were received high popularity.
In addition, Peco started painting in 2010  and  his first painting exhibition was successfully held in 2015 aiming at sharing  God' love. Meanwhile, he was invited to compose musical songs, being musical director and actor in musical performances.

In 2016, he received an award of the best music and lyric of the musical work "Love To Forget" presented by "Class 7A Drama Group" in the 25th Hong Kong Drama Group Drama Awards Presentation Ceremony.
In 2018, he participated into another musical work "Martin Luther" as a composer, musical director and actor. Songs from this musical were also being recorded  in CDs and released to public. In the same year, the musical work "Love To Forget" went rerun successfully.

In 2019, Peco was being an actor in musical works: "the Company" (Cantonese version) by Stephen Sondheim; Matteo Ricci musical and the Smokey Joes in Cafe touring in China.

He recently composed all songs & worked on the film score for a local film “Embrace” which talks about Demenia in 2020. He is the leading pianist of NEXUS ensemble.

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