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Mui Kwong-chiu

Honorable Advisor

Doming Lam

Personal Profile

Doming Lam, honoured as “the father of modern music” in Hong Kong, showed his support for Hong Kong modern music during the incipient years by contributing tremendously to the repertoire. With his avant-garde vision and compositional techniques, his works have become classics and are popularly received in Hong Kong as well as many parts of the world over the years.

In the 1999 Culture Day, Lam was named one of the five Asian composing masters by the music circle in Tokyo. Lam is the first Macau born composer to be included in the prestigious Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians. Lam was named Honorary Member of the International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM) at its World Music Days in Hong Kong in 2007.


Doming Lam, Winner of two Gold Seal Awards for the Best Serious Music. Born in Macau in 1926. Studied music in Canada and Unite States; is the pioneer to lead Hong Kong into the music circles of the world.  During 1964-1994 he worked in Hong Kong and Macau, contributed equally well in composing, conducting, teaching, producing music programmers for radio and television. Maestro Lam’s music has been performed over 40 cities around the world.


His objective in writing music is to create modern Chinese music by applying avant-garde technique on traditional roots. His thoughts have influenced many of his contemporaries and young composers.

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