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Mui Kwong-chiu

Chair of Advisory Board

Mui Kwong-chiu

Personal Profile

Dr. Mui Kwong Chiu is the Chairman of Hong Kong Composers’ Guild and the Director of Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong (CASH). In 2020 he was awarded ‘The 14th Hong Kong Arts Development Award’ Artist of the Year (Music) by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council (HKDC). For his achievements in music and contribution to Hong Kong society in 2018, he was also awarded the Baptist University Distinguished Communication Alumni Award in its 50th anniversary. 


Dr. Mui composes and arranges music for many international music events and renowned performing groups, including: The live cross-media beach concert in Sai Kung for the first Hong Kong Youth Festival in 2018 (as composer and director) ; the music director of The Opening Ceremony of 2010 Shanghai Expo: Hong Kong Week; Multimedia concert Thousand Sails for the World Hakka Conference; Cross media Chinese Music Theatre Intoxicating Nature 《山花醉》and Ode to Water 《千水情》 for the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra (HKCO) ; Reincarnation of the Prunus Mume 《紅梅再世》for for the Hong Kong Repertory Theatre; music for dance poem Spring Ritual and Eulogy 《蘭亭。祭姪》for the Hong Kong Dance Company; cinematic poem Let us Shine! 《星星的傳說》 (jointly presented by Lee Hysan Foundation and Hong Kong Polytechnic University);  Symphonic Poem Genesis《創世紀》; Erhu Concerto The Hero 《大漠之歌》; Double Concerto for Piano and Flute The Great Earth 《大地》and Concerto for Suona and Guanzi ‘Bauhinia’( 嗩吶管子協奏典《紫荊花》) for HKCO. He writes music for over 50 episodes of Radio Television Hong Kong TV productions, and for theatre works including Rashomon 《羅生門》, Shake Shake Shakespeare 《莎士對比亞》and About Thunderstorm About Sunrise 《雷雨對日出》.


Dr. Mui is the Artistic Director of the World Dulcimer Orchestra, Honorary Advisor of the School of Continuing and Professional Studies of CUHK (Music program), Examiner of HKADC, Honorary Composer in Residence of the Hong Kong Harmonica Association, the Honorary Adjudicator of World Harmonica Festival, of Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival/s (since 2000), and represented Hong Kong to attend the International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM) in Vancouver, Peking,

and International Rostrum in Prague in 2013.

Dr Mui's portrait (credit to Jefu Ha Stu

Photo credits to Jefu Ha Studio

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